The class was assigned this as a project. The purpose was to design a transformable piece of furniture that was sustainable.

Nuggy - Final

The end result


During the design process I participated in a dialogue which conceived of the chair as more than just a chair. Having looked into the cradle-to-cradle idea, I had an idea of not just transforming the chair in the short term but also in the long term. That idea brought me to the idea of not just having a chair, but a tree as well.

Mixing the seeds, paste, and cardboard

Mixing the seeds, paste, and cardboard


I worked throughout the phases of the project to produce suitable material research for my design. Unlike my peers, my chair was much more miniscule and could have been pushed much further.

Nuggy - Drying


Moving forward, I still want to continue researching on the material that I had stumbled upon so that I could continue designing this chair on my own.

Study Model

Study Model


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