Still Life

My arrangement of the still life represents the atmosphere of a traditional Polish environment. Materials, ideas, light setting, and cultural concepts engage with one another creating a cozy, folky, and country-like scene. Creating such a personal setting allows for me to invite other cultures and many different people around the world to explore and enjoy the beauty of true Poland.

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The old rustic wood finishes give a sense of originality and keeping each of these objects and materials in their natural, unfinished states. Because they aren’t finished with a gloss or fixed when cracked, the objects put together the “country” feeling and the environment from which they may have come from. The dim, yellow-gold light sets the mood for closeness, romance, and  intimacy, which can allow for people to sit together and enjoy each others presence. I have specifically chosen to place a Polish song book that has all of the traditional and very well known songs in it with lyric as well as guitar notes. This book allows for people to engage with our traditional music and get to the know the vibes of what an amazing change in the atmosphere a guitar can make. I want to express and invite new faces into learning about our culture so they can get a sense of where we come from, what we eat, what we sing and dance to, and how we enjoy our lives just by the simplest things around us.