Before I go any further, I feel the need to give you, dear reader, an inside scoop on the project at hand. Over the span of a week we were assigned to go to thrift stores and collect knick-knacks and put together a “still life-installation” in front of class.

I won’t deny that I found this project a little tricky – probably because I already had my site planned out in my head. After a couple of rounds, and a new Tensor Lamp, I found the cutest little wooden bricks. If I needed to describe them in one sentence it would be this: “these are your grandparents version of Lego.”

After a day or two of figuring out why in the world all I bought were toy bricks and a lamp, I remembered a book I came across a couple years back by Leonard Koren (FYI: you can pick it up online at the Cooper Hewitt store) that I found at my friends sewing studio.  We briefly had a discussion between gardening and putting her son to sleep, she said it was the reason she had “F**K PANTONE” on her desk. The acceptance of the accidental aesthetic is what drives her brand and is making more and more popular with every trunk show.

Okay, now we jump to the present.

Evidently, I gathered together more things that began to fit the bill, now that I had a more vivid vision of where I wanted to take a conceptual step forward. My still life may have carried a little too much things (I could have axed the knife, toy elephant, glass bottle, candles, and bricks) to project the image I was seeing in my head.

The space I want to make for this project is going to be a beautiful accident.

Paulines lame still life

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