Whispering Wind

Using multiple lengths of aluminum tubes arranged at various angles creates harmonic tones with the winds frequency. The tones will range in octaves making vibrations while harnessing the wind. The tubes will use sound to create a relaxing environment used to
admire the views of Jersey City.

The tubes are circular in form creating a cylinder which acts as a hollow cavity in which the wind will transfer through causing vibrations. As the wind resonates through the tube, the tubes length will vary allowing for more or less waves to be penetrated. Each tube is designed to create one octave higher as the size increases. The effect will create tones ranging from 220Hz to 880Hz.

The tubes create harmonious sounds similar to a middle C note on a Piano keyboard. The tones will be produced with the intent of users staying at the installation at a
minimum of 20 minutes. The soothing sounds allow for deep thought and meditation.