The Lyrics – Tianqi Chang & Qingyu LI

Current issue:

Muslim women get targeted for wearing the hijab. We get marginalized, we get called oppressed, uneducated, seen as less achieved and so many other labels we care not to mention.
—Iman Aldebe

These stereotypes confuse Islam with cultural practices and fail
to recognize that Islam has
empowered women with the
pursuit of beauty.

Audience: Muslim women in New York City are comprised of immigrants from more than 60 nations as well as native-born Americans.


This six stories building is located at the street corner between Broadway and Howard street in lower Manhattan.

ADDRESS : 428 Broadway, NY

1st Floor : 6259 sf
2nd Floor : 6006 sf
Total : 12265 sf

Mission Statement:

This Sanctuary space consists of beautiful muslim women empowering one another through their inspiring stories, style and commitment to faith.


The Space will develop muslim women’s sense of aesthetics whilst exhibiting their unique beauty to public by using  soft match color and lightweight fabric to provide a sense of comfortable and confidence.