Raft Chair


Raft chair a ship-able, ergonomic and multi functional cardboard 
lounge chair which joint by triangular tubes to chair frame.

Here is the Final.



The manipulation that I used are really simple but it makes the chair
 very stable.


Design Diagram(Sketch):

The Seating part

D:16” 24”

E: 30” 24
(half inch honeycomb)

A: 4” 4” #8
(double layer cardboard)

For Storage
(Half inch honeycomb )
8” 24”/ 13” 24”

To joint these board to the seating part

To joint 8 triangular tubes into the triangular hole

To joint F & G to these two holes

To joint A into the triangular holes

To make the storage part


3 D Model


Raft chair is good for people to relax in their studio or studying
room. The pillow is comfortable for people's neck and the degree is 
ergonomics for people when they seat on it. The raft chair also has 
the storage at the back, people can put their books or something in