The JawsChair

The Jaws Chair

The Jaws Chair is a lounge chair that is sustainable, desirable, and shippable because of its function of slotting that allows the chair to be disassembled and assembled smoothly.

The slotting method allows the user to put the chair together easily. This chair can be put away can be reused anytime. Which includes allowing the chair to be shippable.

When you put it together it is simple as well. Simply place all the three bodies into the right slot of the base. You would make the base wide as the slot size and pushing it down right after will allow all the bodies to fit automatically together. Repeat the process and then placing the correct seating will finish off the chair.

Studying from a real lounge chair, I was able to get the correct measurement for any size height and body. The angle is comfortable to take a nap or just lay down on to rest after a long day of work.

This chair only uses a single corrugated cardboard and cost up to 55 dollars including the duct tape I have used to put the chair together. The total amount of time was around 14hrs if done by one person and all handmade. However, because this can be manufactured it can be easily made within 5 to 10 hrs. The total cost for the Jaws Chair will be 110-165 dollars.


This chair was created with the goal of having a workable chair that can be folded easily and be comfortable for everyone’s use. Knowing that it was achieved the Jaws Chair is finished and ready to be created into a real product.