The Chime

The Chime harnesses wind to generate sound which is focused by the structure to be experienced by a user inside. The chime helps them to feel relaxed and calm with in the space.
The Chime is interactive instillation located at Chelsea Waterside Park. The Chelsea water park is a popular park that is often used during the months of spring. With that information in mind. The Chime is created with the studies of the wind directions of the months form May to September.
The collective studies show that the wind direction is most comment going in the direction of south toward north. With that information, I placed my instillation within pier 64 and an open area where the wind is the most active.
The design of the chime was inspired by the Denge sound mirror. I used the structures of the Denge sound mirror to capture more of the sound that is created from the chimes in the front. The chime will move by the wind hitting the walls creating a beautiful sound and vibration that with echo through the space.
The construction is done by single pieces. The bottom of the chime to the ceiling all made from aluminum. The design was also thought through where the building process would be the easiest as it could be built at the site and easily deconstructed.
The goal with this design was to allow the passer to feel as ease when inside the space. Using only the natural wind to create the sound and smoothly transferring the sound to their ears of the kids to seniors.