Wave band is an installation which plays with the wave and makes people feel the power of the wave.
. larger waves
. High tide – Low tide (around 4’)
. Average water level 8 ‘
. People can hear the wave clearly
. The wave hit the drum head
. The curving wall will amplify the sound
. People can feel the vibration

. The Businessman
. Kids
. Runner
. Group of young people
. Half boat
. Platform
. The stair for people to get into this installation
. The front section
. To show the drum heads
. Board will be up and down ( high tide or low
. Stair
. “Locker” system will helps wave band stay in this area.
. The Seating area
. Metal surface
The interior view of the digital model
The entrance view
The physical model can show the shape of the installation also the material picking