• The community center

Utilizing a bold, colorful and earthy color material palette, Sabroso reflects the rich and passionate culture of the
Latino and African American community in East Harlem.
In addition ,lightweight and natural materials are used to create an open friendly environment that encourages both
visual and social connection through-out the space.

The rendering of entrance

We work with the neighborhood, schools, local food vendors, and farmers to build a positive community experience. Our mission is to make sure that East Harlem neighborhood has access to affordable, nutrition food and information to make healthy choices.

The user and the programming
(for 24 ours)

. The red means “semi-public” and the pink means public.

. All the space for first floor is public for East Harlem

. The event space and cocking class need reservation.

. The food hall is the major element for first floor

. Different entrance for residents and customers

. Coffee and package food at the left of the plan

. The event space is the major element for second floor ( A place for rent)

. The bar and cocking classes are on the second floor

The private eating area
Food hall
The “quick food” eating area
Food hall
The event hall
Second floor
The key moment
The bar
second floor