The Neighborhood House

By Rin Park, Sherly Morel, Kayla Nestor

Using color transparent partitions with open space The Neighborhood House helps bring unity in the community and across culture.
The First floor plan allows everyone in the community to be able to circulate through the space.
The Second Floor plan while it stills welcomes non-members to explore and be apart of center it is more based on classes.
Main entrance of The Neighborhood House, where people are greeted by the receptionist.
Cafe Area, where everyone from the community is welcomed.
Past the main entrance, going towards the library and theater space or up towards the second floor through the main stairs. All areas that show cases the color blocking that forms part of the entire space as a way of representing East Harlem’s diverse culture.
The Key Moment of the space also know as the multipurpose room. Which changes between a lounge area to a theater area when there is events being hosted.
Looking into the Interactive gallery where artist of the community are welcomed to showcase their work. As well as the children’s room and garden.
Juice Bar area where people can grab a juice after a fitness class or while they are at the center for a gen-ed class or view any gallery being showcased at the moment.