Compound is a low carbon footprint micro apartment which places high quality of life in to small foot print and focusing on providing a sustainable lifestyle, by using level changes, technology and natural elements together.
Programs – bubble diagrams

The apartment has been divided in to two floor in order to match different function for the customers. The main floor is the area shared by roommates and loft provides nice personal space for each person.
Floor plans

Based on the design of pushable dinning table, customer can easily change the set up according to their need and purpose from the space. It can be multifunctional and maximize the use of space.

Journey diagram – how the customers movement during one day

Elevation A

Elevation B

Detail explanation

The customized wall is one of the special design for the apartment, since there is a huge wall empty in the space, the customer can inset different pieces of furniture in order to make this wall more useful. Their choices are bookshelves, rock climbing and even pull-ups.

For the material choices, most of them are environmentally friendly or reprocess by recycle material.
Physical model