“Poké ” is a shared micro-apartment which utilizes traditional Japanese techniques to maximize hidden storage space and minimize clutter. The effect is a small space easily shareable by roommates.
I used the stair which has the storages under and the tatami which can lift the table in the middle up as my statics. Both of the things can use the storage space to maximize the utilizing space for clients. And also hiding a part of the clutter, can visually make the space not crowded. Therefore, I used these two elements in my space, providing more space for clients. 
In my programming, I used different colors to represent different areas. I combined the dining room area and living area together, and set two small living room areas in each bedroom. So when residents have friends come in, they can use their own personal living room, instead of using the dining/ living area, to ensure their privacy. And then I divided the space in two vertically, set the sleeping area above the get ready area and kitchen, and set the storage above the personal care area, to make sure that the space is efficiently used.
For the dining area, I chose to use the transformable table as my dining table. When the clients have a party or have a lot of friends come to visit, so they can make the dining table bigger easily to fit more people in the area. And I divided the bathroom into three, which can make sure that when one person is taking shower, another one can use the toilet at the same time, and they will not feel embarrassed.
I designed the stair for the bedroom which is combined with a closet and leaving a space for residents to put their luggages in. I believe we all faced one problem before that when we rent an apartment or live in a hotel, we don’t really know where we should put our luggages. This closet will make our life more convenient. It helps us to solve this problem. I use the wall to make some shelves for residents to put their books or small stuff on. At the bottom shelf, I make it as the desk for residents working on.
For the material, I chose to use bamboo wood as my outside flooring, and use cypress wood as my furniture. And to make sure the durability of the apartments’ flooring, I used polished concrete which is easy to clean and repair.