Work From Home

Concept Statement Work From Home is a flexible, live/work shared apartment that incorporates a home office, combining your workspace with your living quarters that are shared. It offers innovative storage ideas, and clever layouts to delineate between public and private areas.
Making your bed disappear at the touch of a button, creating a cozy work- ing space when you need it, or transforming to the living area.
A live-work unit is a space that combines your workspace with your living quarters. Modern live-work units cuts your commute time to seconds, and because all you need to do is walk from your bedroom to your office, you avoid the cost of gasoline for commuting to work. A live-work unit offers similar advantages to a home office.
Living in 2030 The lifestyle of the younger generation changes, large units are no longer needed. People are living in small units, so more a efficient use of space is important. The rise of the internet, telecommuting, and teleconferencing have created unprecedented opportunities for home office and small, at-home business.

Zoning/Journey Diagram

Right View
Left View
Related to keeping a space clutter free is the idea of owning less to begin with. Decor is kept to a minimum in my design. Bare walls and empty spaces are not shied away from. Natural light is an important thing to try and maximize. If any window treatments are used at all, sheer or translucent ones are favored to let in as much light as possible.
Whether it’s on the floor, on the walls, used to make cupboards or toys, I try to design includes a lot of wood. But not just any wood will do. In keeping with the gently theme, the woods used in my design are light woods, like beech, ash, and pine. Greenery help brighten up spaces and to bring in some life.
The two modes can be switched at will. When people need to work, the bed can be raised to hide in the ceiling. Conversely, people just need to lower the bed when they need to rest, and the work table can be hidden in the wall.



Bathroom Entrance Cabinet Work Space

Living Room