The different colors seen by different people contribute to the interactive experience. A sense of wonder and curiosity on a personal level and sparking conversation between individuals.

Speculation is an interactive light installation that invites visitors to be mesmerized by and take control of the phenomena of light.

For the location of the installation, I chose The center of the common walkway path. Not only is it surrounded by water, but it is also a refuge from the city and gets open sun. Nearby residents, children, joggers can all stop on their way and experience the Phenomenon of light for themselves.


  The materials used for the Installation are Dichroic glass panels, Slate stone, Ball bearing, and a hinge system. The Dichroic Panels have transmitted color and a completely different reflected color which causes an array of color that shifts depending on the angle. Slate stone supports the structure and not only is a durable material but has no chemical emissions and is reusable. The hinge system Supports each panel and allows for rotation while the ball bearing constrains relative motion to what is desired motion and reduces friction between moving parts.

Through the model it is visible how Light from a different angle will result in a different color as one interacts with the installation, moving a panel. The shadows also appear to be the opposite color as the surface itself. 

The maze-like structure that pivots is seen in action above. As a person actively pushes a panel, it allows for light to pass through all ranges of the color spectrum. The transmitted colors then appear opposite on the ground.