Sea of Walls

The concept of my study is a children’s interactive art installation. I’ve noticed that most art sculptures at the Storm King Art Center are not interactive. That being noticed, I decided to create a fun interactive piece mainly for children. The site I chose also inspired me due to the art work in that site being designed more for a younger crowd.

This site caught my eye for various reasons. I chose it because there is a parking lot and restrooms, great for plenty of visitors to visit my study. Also, the sculptures in this site are minimal and have a variety of shapes and sizes which is what inspired my design of my study. They also happened to create my purpose for this project because of its young feel.  Lastly, this site has an outstanding view! Gorgeous big and tall trees surrounding you with an amazing view of the huge hills layered out in the distance.

Due to the purpose of my study being a children’s interactive art installation, I wanted to make this space fun and welcoming. Kids can explore my study in various ways such as playing hide and seek, tag or simply roaming the space.