Babylon provide safe Covid friendly work space by facilitating cross ventilation through louver façade and cleaning the air with plant.

The concept is to use natural elements to create a functional space for the milk’s studio employees and endow a sense of a garden in the air. The space include relax, learn, work, eat and gather for the employees. The curve louver is the main structure for the ventilation, the curve create different curvature that provide different size of gaps that allow the air flow and direction.

This is the site analysis that showing the wind direction from different seasons.

The curve louver structure is the main idea of my design, the louvers in each level were showing different curvature allow air go through, and the size of the gap between each louver will control the amount of the air, and also the green wall provide the function as refresh the air and create different shading when the sunlight go through.

Stacking Diagram

Circulation Diagram