Chakra is an indoor/outdoor yoga studio attached along the Milk building overlooking the Highline.It welcomes adult public users and employees to enjoy a yoga class, join nutritious support groups, eat and drink in the dining hall and even offers a supervised children’s play area.

Coronavirus has required people to socially-distance and are no longer allowed to come together. Due to this, some people may feel stressed, upset, lonley etc. I chose to design an indoor/outdoor yoga center as a way for people to relieve their stress and gather with others yet remaining 6-feet-apart. Not only is the attachment above ground and away from the chaotic city below but people can escape the stressful life for a moment by taking a yoga class or mediatate to ease their minds. Within this tough time, many people have struggled with maintaining a healthy life style. I wanted to offer a wellness community that reinhibits a fresh start.

Chakra includes many phenomenal tactics to address health and safety in the age of Covid 19. The tactics include light, ventilation, temperature and sound. Light and ventilation are portrayed through the half open ceilings and half open building facades. Due to heat rising, I placed the eat/drink voxel on the lower level so the users wouldn’t get overheated; whereas, placing the meditation pods and some yoga studios higher would create hot yoga. Also, the North building facade facing towards the Winter winds are more enclosed than the South building facade which is more open due to it facing the Summer winds. Lastly, I addressed sound by placing the louder voxels together and the quieter voxels together and have them be placed on opposite sides of the model.