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Bringing Camping into the streets of Chelsea, NY.

This structure will be attaching to the west side of the Milk building and will be open to its staff. It is an all-age/size-friendly space.

Site Plan
Light Phenomena

The manipulation of light was successful with how I kept an open roof for more relaxed areas, whereas I blockaded direct sunlight in work areas. This makes it more comfortable for users and their purpose of being in the structure.

Sound Phenomena

Sound was absorbed by foam walls that I implanted on the work and learn area. This is so the loud noises wouldn’t distract their progress.

Wind Phenomena

One main issue was the winter and summer winds. They came in opposite directions which made me make a compact north wall since that’s the direction of the winter winds. I then made a more open south wall to have the nice summer breeze through. Both of these would be covered in greenery for shade.

I decided to separate every program by floor so everyone can focus on what they intended to do. I put the more noisy programs on the bottom so they wouldn’t disturb each other. The upper levels are more calm and focused so I put them on top so they couldn’t hear the footsteps of the floor above.

Render photos

The images above provide the concept of how the structure would attach to the milk building. Below you will see how close the Highline is and beyond that would be the view of the Hudson River.