Ergo Well Chaise

Ergo Well Chaise for small apartments (model: Judy Wang), photo by Meixi Xu

An Ergo Well Chaise has many benefits to the human body. It is designed for foot rest, backbone support, and improves the flows of blood. Developing a lounge chair made by cardboard raise awareness of cardboard as a solution to issues of the day, including but not limited to sustainability.

Above and beyond the base level design parameters of the chair: structure, ergonomics and function, we will aim to design towards sustainable, relevant, ship-able, economical issues. The Ergo Well Chaise focuses on ergonomic and wellness by using non-toxic corrugated cardboards. By utilizing inexpensive cardboards, it is designed to be sold online, shipping with a flat-pack package.

Ergo Well Chaise in one of the loft apartment in NYC

There are 2 major wellness issues that the chaise is focusing on: it relaxes the backbone muscles in the human body. Because spine controls very many other body parts, including arms and feet; it enables nerve impulses to pass through the spine much more easily. The Ergo Well Chaise also helps to reduce lower back pain. Many students suffer from back pain, so this chair helps students to relax their backbone after doing their work.

How We Work , article about Ergo Well Chaise in magazine

Improves the flow of blood demonstrates Ergo Well Chaise the unique advantage on the chair’s target customer: college peer group. An overworked body experiences a lot of problems including fatigue and a weak body in general, when the legs are off from the floor, oxygen is distributed to the body at a faster rate, hence providing more energy to the body for both physical and metabolic functions inside the body.

Perfect angle for foot rest

The Ergo Well Chaise is 100cm*60cm*90cm, the dimension and the product price makes this chaise affordable for students to consider. Nothing is better than a $60 dollar eco-friendly recycled cardboard chair in the student’s lounge area or there small apartment. Ergo Well Chaise is designed to be an unpacked, easy to assemble, and lightweight movable lounge chair.

Ergo Well Chaise in student dormetary
Elegant, stable lounge chaise with a fluid shape
Structure of Ergon Well Chaise (Front)
Structure of Ergon Well Chaise (Back)
Ergo Well Chaise: Plan, elevation, section, and isometric drawing
Assembly Instruction