Linear folding Chair

“Linear Folding Chair is a Chair made of Cardboard. The main idea of this Chair is Small Space Living. Because it can be stored in a closet. ” 

In today’s life, a lot of people live in a small space. It is really important to save the space make the space more useful. So the linear Folding chair is a very good choose for people who live in a small space, because when you don’t use it you can stored in closet, under bed, under sofa.

You can see on the picture is a people who are folding the linear folding chair. The steps is very easy and quickly.

First step is to take the small piece out.

Second step is to fold them separately.

And last step is to fold the linear chair flat.

The main feature of this chair is that it can be folded up. The materials are also very special. All part are made of cardboard. The whole production process is also very simple. It only takes two steps. The first step is to cut the cardboard, and the second step is to glue them together.

Wrap up with drawings/diagrams