The Loraj Chair is a lounge chair that provides comfort to students in need of repose by folding cardboard into triangular pleats and slotting them to replicate an ergonomic chaise.

The word Loraj means lightning or thunder in Haitian Creole. The name is not only a representation of the chair’s form but also a representation of its purpose. On days where the sky rains down thunder, this chair will be a site of safety and comfort.


The Loraj chair’s main goal that it focuses to accomplish is Ergonomics. Information from the University of Manitoba Department of Kinesiology and Recreation Management states that poor posture positions, wrong fit, and physical stress are some of many aspects of educational seating that lead to educational drawbacks within students.




The solution for the jointing and stress was to create a three-faced panel that slots into the triangle. When seated the panel keeps the three triangles from separating and with the additional support of the braces between each triangle the system works.