Suitcase Longues Chair


A relaxing chair that you can bring anywhere you want to have a rest. Using layers of different kinds of cardboard to make a strong sandwich, and slotting/fitting together for easy folding and movable.


Sustainable: Utilizes sustainable corrugated board and honeycomb materials. 

Economical: Reproducible, utilizing inexpensive materials and using them efficiently.

Shippable: Designed to be sold online and shipped inexpensively in flat packing. Easily assembled and disassembled by the consumer. (only cause 1mins)

Compact: Have a small footprint, and collapse suitable to living in small spaces. 

Relevant: To address social distancing under covid. And under fast-pace of life, people have mobile lifestyle.

Desirable: Everyone wants to buy one.

Method of take along

A suitcase longue chair can be carried out by two ways.

One is to fold the back to the seat, using handle to hold up this chair.

The other way is using straps that tighten chair pieces together so that people can wear it.

Diagrams and Drawings


For small space room


Under Covid situation, everyone is trying to keep social distance with people around. There is a lot of fast food stores that have not allowed people dine in anymore. Therefore, the suitcase chair allows you to have a seat and to enjoy your food right away.