The Study Chair

The “study chair” is an economical, easy-to-install multifunctional study chair that connects cardboard by slotting and folding to make it available to people living in small Spaces.

The back of the chair acts like a bookshelf to help store items and save space.

The goal was to create a multifunctional chair, because space-saving furniture not only stores space, but also keeps it clean and free of clutter. In today’s society, some people choose to live in small Spaces, which can not only reduce their impact on the environment, but also reduce their monthly expenses. And multi-functional furniture is the best choice for small space life.

The study chair consists of five important parts. The cardboard is connected by slotting, folding and laminating. The chair’s components are simple in shape, easy to install, and can also be used for flat transportation, which provides convenience for people to maximize.

The study chair is ergonomically designed for its width, height, and back Angle. And the back of the chair acts like a bookshelf to store things.