Starter Apartment

Concept Statement

The starter apartment explores new living patterns and lifestyles based on the design and thinking of the young generation’s life, work and social life.

Through the practice of this design project, I hope to explain the concept of “youth life circle” and propose possible solutions to the housing problems raised in this round of urban renewal.

At present, more and more young people are looking for a suit- able place to live, there are people who need to work from home, people who just left home and want to live alone, or young couples want to live here first and then go to save money for a bigger house. The apartment accommodates all their needs.
The kitchen, bathroom, living room and study area are all on both sides of the wall, leaving a passage in the middle leading to the balcony. The living room and study area are next to the balcony to maximize the sunlight and views. The bed was placed as far away from the balcony as possible to avoid sunlight while sleeping. The stair can be used for multiple purposes. The handrail of the stair is designed as a shelf for storing books, and a large wardrobe under the stair can also be used to store items.
Expanded the width of the stairs and made a space in the middle part of the stairs for study, so that it could be separated from the living room and avoid noise as much as possible. because for two people, when two people want to do different activities, they need to do not disturb each other, so I give apartment partitions, each part is independent, as much as possible to create a small partition.