A lounge chair design for reading-Provide readers with a relatively independent space in an environment that has other people or in noisy places.

Inspired by the cross section of the onion and the shape of the onion slices.

This chair is dedicated to providing the reader with a comfortable reading space. Because of the circular shape of the chair, it can also provide readers with an isolated environment relative to the outside world.

The chair consists of two main parts: a seat that has a unique curved shape with a hole at the middle, and a matching seat support.

Concept Sketches
The study process of making the curvy shape of the seat.

Study Model

Stability Improvement Sketch

This chair will combine common constructions with a single material and the most traditional manufacturing methods.

Explore the combination of triangular structures and curved surfaces and test the stability of triangular structures.Committed to providing a comfortable leisure reading environment for students who use it. Uses folding and laminating to create the chair to achieve the goals of: Sustainable, Multifunction & Economical.