Phyllotaxis Modular Seating System

Phyllotaxis Modular Seating System is a Cardboard Seating that Transforms Space to Nurture Different Social Dynamics.

The Phyllo can alter its shape flexibly into an open or enclosed mode to accommodate both individual sitting and social communication.


It can be used in two modes: Concave mode creates a space that evokes communication among the groups and gives privacy to the space by enclosing high partitions of the backrest. A certain amount of transparency allows the people outside to know that the space is occupied.

Convex mode is great for rest or individual activities. The backrest transforms to look like a tree, that is now opened and welcomes people to sit.


“Chair is not just a piece of furniture, it is a space that individuals occupy.”

And that is so true, sitting is not a single activity, we sit and eat, we sit and talk, maybe you are reading this while sitting down somewhere… A piece of chair has the power to be something more than just to sit.

Edward Hall, the anthropologist had presented Proxemics. He suggests that people will maintain differing degrees of personal distance depending on the social setting and their cultural backgrounds.
This concept brought me to the social dynamics of how these different backgrounds of people
patterns in our society that affect our communication and behavior.

I wanted to design the seating that can accommodate…

“Versatility and Cultural Sensitivity”

You have found the blank text I put:)

We are from all around the globe. I am not considering just physical ergonomics to suit majorities, (we learned as 5th to 95th percentile), but making it to even embrace unique behaviors and preferences we might have from our different backgrounds.

Modular Seating System

This seating design functions as a Modular Seating System, in which each single collapsible module will be connected to create continuous seating to fit the space.

Design Process: Phyllotaxis

During the design stage, I have gone through the phyllotaxis structure which can be found in sunflowers or pinecones. Phyllotaxis is the radial grid structure in which the number of spiral lines going clockwise and counterclockwise follow the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. It did not end as truly following the sequence, but I believe my design of the structure visually resembles the pattern of phyllotaxis, and there are more interesting things that can happen in my structure design, which an actual Fibonacci grid cannot do.

Manipulations & Diagrams

Diverse manipulations of cardboard were implemented to create one module. All these manipulations were done to facilitate the concave & convex to happen.

The density of the grid in seating becomes different in each mode, and the density alters the people’s perception of ‘where to sit.’

In concave mode, the grid is denser to the edge of the seating. People will believe the dense part is favorable to sit, which shortens their distance to sit closer to each other. The seating grid density shifts to be closer to the backrest in convex mode. The density will guide people to sit and lean on the backrest, like the role of a tree trunk.

In each mode, the center point turns our body to be closer to someone next to us or rotate ourselves to exclude communication and concentrate on individual work.

This seating will never be going to look like the same chair. It will transform in every single interaction or intention.