The Fold & Gather Chair

The Fold & Gather chair is an affordable, sustainable chair for facilitating social settings. It’s flat packable and easy to store when not in use. 

It stands out because of its combination of practicality, sustainability and social responsibility. The flat-packable design makes it easy to transport and store.

In the process of designing the chair I wanted to think about goals that would make it more unique for the function and the user’s experience. The chair will seamlessly blend practicality, sustainability and social engagement creating an adapted seating solution.

Folding chairs, while incredibly common, lack inspiration in their design. Though they serve a purpose, there’s room for improvement. I set out to reimagine the concept of a folding chair, striving for innovation and a fresh perspective.

“subpar chair” versus “premium chair”

Practicality is key. I envision a chair that is effortlessly adapted to different settings and spaces. That is easy to transport and can be stored when needed. Sustainability is an important aspect of the design. This chair is designed with minimal material usage and can be conveniently flat-packed for shipping.

I wanted the chair to have a user-friendly design. It can easily be put together minimizing the time and effort students need to invest in setting up in social settings. The social chair can be used in different interactions whether it’s in cafeterias or lounges . The design is intended to encourage spontaneous gatherings.

The primary method of material manipulation involves folding, with scoring and slotting playing a role and ensuring its structural robust.