Criss Cross Chair


A relaxing chair designed for relaxing and reading that is suitable for anywhere, such as the student lounge or dorm.

Inspired by the criss-cross pattern and wishbone. 

Because of the little slope on the seat and the 105-degree backrest, this chair is designed to promote comfort and allow the reader to read comfortably.

The chair has two crisscross sections: one on the back to form a wide foundation for stability and the other on the sitting to produce a sturdy construction that can support weight. 

Concept Sketches


Because of the shear force, the backrest in my prototype is unstable, and the two fins begin to tear apart. To address this issue, I lengthened the base and added two more fins so that instead of two fins carrying 200 pounds, which is 100 pounds for each fin, I added two additional fins, each holding 50 pounds.


Assemble Process

This chair is designed to be assembled easily. 

This is achieved by only using the slotting method throughout the whole process. 

To create structure and stability, the Criss Cross slotting method is used. Dedicated to developing a chair that provides a comfortable atmosphere for all who sit in it. Laminating and slotting are used to achieve the following goals: sustainability, economy, and lightweight.