By Fanyu Wu / Nov 2023 / Chair / No Comments

ISO CHAIR is a multifunctional flat-packable seating solution designed to transform into different modes for a variety of uses.

This project began with the question – “why do people always need a new chair?”

A number of factors influence the purchase of a new chair:

  • Style and Aesthetic Preferences: people’s tastes change over time, so they may abandon their old furniture.
  • Moving: When people move to a new house, they may abandon the furniture that is hard to carry or not fitting the new spaces.
  • Financial Considerations: Over time, furniture can be damaged, and people prefer to spend money on a new peice of furniture rather than fixing an old one.


The ISO CHAIR can play different characters inside the space. People will not abandon it just because they want a new chair. The folding cardboard makes it easy to ship and move with people. Cardboard material is not expensive to fix.


Flat sheet of cardboard can be assembled into one single triangle. With the tube as a connection to connect four triangles into one big rectangle. It has the ability to rotate and change into other modes of the chair.