Vertex Chair

The Vertex chair is a continuous single-loop flat-packable (yet easy to assemble) chair that is lightweight, ideal for small spaces or social settings, developed from chipboard and double-walled cardboard using lamination, slotting, and folding techniques. 

Project Goals

The Vertex chair allows a lounging experience with mindfulness of design created with one looped double walled cardboard strip, quick to assemble, easy to move, and with versatility of elegant small space living furniture. It is done with the use of Folding, slotting and laminating techniques.

Research & Precedent

The Charles and Ray Eames Chaise Lounge served as the model for the Vertex Chair. The Chaise Lounge is the pinnacle of contemporary lounging, offering an array of options for napping, browsing the internet, reading a book, and more. In order to incorporate the success of the chaise lounge into the Vertex Chair, I studied its dimensions and ergonomic design. 

Unfolded Plan

In order to sustain human weight in full scale, I started experimenting with different varieties of craft paper, such as paper, chipboard, and single-walled cardboard, on the scale of 3″ = 1′. The goal was to make it simple to construct like an Ikea furniture, but still being aware of the materials utilized. My design idea achieved a significant breakthrough when I included wings that interlock beneath the seat. This addressed a significant portion of the design obstacle; however, preserving the back angle presented another issue that was resolved by slotting and joining the seat’s base.

Assembly Diagram

The unfolded plan can be assembled together into a functional chair with guidance through this assembly manual. It is easy to assemble and disassemble quickly also due to its lightweight characteristics. 

Design Solutions

With Modern Lifestyles, the Vertex Chair’s lightweight design and less space-consuming features make it appropriate for tiny spaces such as lounge areas, apartments, and dorms for students. Owing to its lightweight and simple-to-assemble design, the device may be shipped with minimal risk; it can even be unfolded and placed inside a subway car. Comparing the chair’s ergonomic design to that of a chaise lounge reveals that they are remarkably similar, with price and versatility serving as key differentiators.

Production Details

Applying this to the real furniture industry, we can get the Vertex Chair’s price by adding the profit margin, calculating the hourly salary, and factoring together the cost of the materials.