Tranquility in Social

Tranquility in Social

For Students & Small-sized Family


It is designed to provide tranquility. Tranquility plays a crucial role in socializing by fostering an environment that promotes positive interactions and effective communication. It is a space for energy charging when not in socializing. Tranquility is being provided by warm colors and textures of a space.

The specialty of 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments lies in their size, versatility, and ability to accommodate different living arrangements. Whether catering to families, roommates, or individuals with specific lifestyle needs, these larger apartments offer a range of possibilities for creating a comfortable and functional living environment.


College life is an opportunity for personal and intellectual growth in a relatively independent and diverse environment. Young professionals or individuals sharing living spaces may prefer 3+4 bed units to accommodate the need for separate bedrooms. The behavior of living with roommates or housemates can drive the demand for multiple-bedroom units.

Small family has many unique advantages and strengths in their life style. Small family have the potential for increased individual attention and resources. A small-sized family living in a 3+4 bed room typically adapts to a more compact and efficient lifestyle.


Philippe Starck is a renowned French designer known for his avant-garde and innovative approach to design. While he is more widely recognized for his work in product design, interior design, and architectural projects, he has made a significant impact on the world of residential design.

Philippe Starck creates spaces that evoke emotions and tell stories. His designs go beyond the visual and tactile aspects, aiming to connect with people on a deeper, emotional level.

Priorities & Bubble Diagram

Young Students need more space to give off their tiredness than older people. Also, sufficient and quality of sleep is a fundamental necessity for the optimal functioning of biological systems. Establishing and adhering to a consistent daily schedule holds significance for young people like students.

Small families in 4 bed home tend to adopt a minimalist approach, carefully selecting and organizing their possessions to avoid unnecessary furniture. Living in a smaller space often encourages creativity and resourcefulness, prompting families to make thoughtful choices in terms of furniture, organization, and overall lifestyle to create a comfortable and functional home.


Plan & Section

Journey Diagram

Journey diagram is based on the bubble diagram. It is related to their lifestyle and shows how much time they spend on each program. As they spend more time than other program, the bubble gets bigger.

Mood Board

Based on concept, colors and materials that give people calm and soft feeling was analyzed for this unit.

Material & Finishes

Based on material analysis of which material and finishes give people feel comfort, white wall, bright wood flooring, and yellowish light were used.