Asphodel is a calming, luminous, torus-shaped space that captures natural light through a central color-tinted light-well, then diffuses and reflects it within.

The form and reflective surfaces inside  amplify this luminosity, filling the space with soothing light for a serene, peaceful retreat from the bustling city outside.

This diagram explains how light is captured, diffused, and reflected by the form and the materials within.

Light interacts with mirrors through reflection. When waves of light encounter a mirror, they bounce off the surface and change direction. When there are multiple mirrors the light bounces across all surfaces and thus it appears as if there are multiple light sources. Mirrors ampify the light thus making it a space brighter. 


These images are from my experiments in form and materiality.

Interior Render from standing point of view

Sections / Floor Plan Program

Interior Render sitting point of view