Light Studio is a immersive space that celebrates the diurnal movement of the sun by revealing changing patterns of light as the sun penetrates various apertures over the course of the day.


“Crepuscular Rays”

“Crepuscular Rays” is the scientific name for beams of sunlight.

To visualize the beams of sunlight, the more particulate matter or vapor there is in the air to scatter the sunlight, the more the difference will be between the sunbeams and shaded areas. The greater the difference, the easier it is for us to see them.



Ronchamp Chapel by Le Corbusier

Spatial purity was one of Corbusier’s main focuses by not over complicating the program and removing the typical modern aesthetic from the design.

Corbusier wanted the space to be meditative and reflective in purpose. The stark white walls add to this purist mentality that when the light enters into the chapel there becomes this washed out, ethereal atmosphere. The effect of the light evokes expressive and emotional qualities that create heightened sensations in tune with the religious activities.

Church of the Light by Tadao Ando

The Church of the Light embraces Ando’s philosophical framework between nature and architecture through the way in which light can define and create new spatial perceptions equally, if not more so, as that of his concrete structures.

The employment of simplistic materials reinforces the duality of the space; the concrete structure removes any distinction of traditional Christian motifs and aesthetic. Besides an extruded cross from the east facing façade, the church is composed of a concrete shell; the concrete adds to the darkness of the church by creating a more humble, meditative place of worship.


Site Diagram

Particulate matter or vapor are important elements to visualize the beam of light. The selected space is the only spot with soil on the ground. When people walk into the space, they will bring up the particulate matter.


Program Diagram