Pnuema [ noo·muh ], is a sensory experience that celebrates wind by exploring a wind-driven dynamic labyrinth using sense of touch.

Inspired by the motion of dandelion seeds in a gust of wind and their random dispersion, “Pnuema” was created. The optimum approach for merging the dispersion of dandelions seeds, that is distinctive by its wide distribution and multiple directions, is the “voronoi” mathematical representation.

A Voronoi pattern is a geometric design formed by dividing space into regions based on their closeness to an array of points or seeds. Each region corresponds to the area nearest to a certain seed, resulting in a cellular pattern composed of polygons with edges that are equidistant from neighboring seeds.

Site Analysis

Pier 62, was opened in 2010 with combining activities and park for the people of new york. It has carousel, skate park , boardwalk, and some of the best view overlooking new jersey with hudson river. The edge of the pier 62 is the chosen site for “Pnuema” for its neverending and pleasant direction of wind. Installation period “ March 21st- 6th September” hence, the majority period is during the summer time.

Winds are primarily out of the southwest during the summer and from the northwest during winter.

Wind is the movement of air. Wind patterns are influenced by the Earth’s rotation, which causes them to bend and creates diverse worldwide wind belts. Wind has a significant impact on weather patterns and heat distribution across the world. 

The structure of “Pnuema” was created with the mathematical inspiration of voronoi script to demonstrate a balanced and controlled spread for the chiffon fabric acting as dandelion seeds.

To further showcase the inspiration of the wind phenomena and dandelion, the steel rod structure have an essence of the voronoi roof and the strands of the seeds.