The Undimmed

The Undimmed crafts a sunset even during cloudy skies harnessing the gleam of copper sheets to evoke a captivating orange radiance.

The Undimmed, where even cloudy skies can’t dim the allure of a sunset. Here, I’ve captured the gleaming beauty of copper sheets to conjure a captivating orange glow. It’s more than just light, it’s an experience, a moment of tranquility to enjoy whether you´re a dedicated worker seeking relief or a neighbor longing for an escape. The Undimmed welcomes you to take a break and immerse yourself in the sunset inspired oasis.



Manipulation and Studies

Crafting an orange reflected glow by manipulating the light that bounces off the textured surface of orange copper sheets.

Published in Journal of Environmental Psychology, the study explains that sunrise and sunset, for example, trigger a positive emotion, which can improve one’s mood or social behaviour, all of which are considered important factors for mental well-being.

“Gazing at the Sunset Improves Mood, Study Finds.” En Vols, n.d.,

Sun path diagram and site map


Experiment model Study model Final model