The TSA Micro Apartment


TSA utilizes sliding element to create and provide an affordable living space and privacy for people who are having trouble affording a living alone, whether it is financially or spiritually.




Material board

Light color scheme was picked specifically to make the 300 sq. ft. space feel spacious.






transformarion plans

The floor plan shows the transformation of the furnitures using sliding elements to create different space for specific use.



section plannn







ceiling plan

The light fixtures from PANZERI was specifically chose to accommodate the linear nature of the sliding tactic.






Programming diagram

The program diagram used colors to display the importance of each activities happening in three different time of the day.

zoning diagrammmmjourney diagrammmmThe colors used in each diagrams are very consistent. Zoning diagram shows the title of each activities used in the space and journey diagram shows the path of morning and night routine.






exterior renderingggg

Exterior Render

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