Concept: The Tri-it chair is great for small spaces that need a big lounge chair. It allows you to take apart the chair and rebuild it whenever you need it.

During the first process of building the chair, I was able to allow the seating of the chair to easily slot into the appropriate spaces. However, this caused a problem for the body of the chair. Even though it was slotted in, the balance of the chair was very shaky which was uncomfortable to sit on. Not only that, It was hard to put together which take away my main concept of this chair. In addition, The height of the chair was too hight which may also explain why the balance was out of place. Continuing on to the seating of the chair, it was also easy to see that the resting back was not high enough which will be improved.

My next step to fixing and developing my Tri-It chair. It to focus on my main point of simplicity. Using a similar method as slotting and with less material. It will have a higher back and a shorter footrest.

The Tri-it chair is still in progress.