This installation is designed to manipulate sunlight to reflect the Hudson river park view on its mirror surface in order to create an meditative affect as people walk around it.

The reason of the stripe mirror and glass structure is to see river through the glass panel between each mirror panels and to see the reflection of the sky and city view and also people themselves. And these reflection can be changed depending on the angle of the view position.

People can walk around and enjoy the reflection image that this installation is creating. Also It has bench along each side of the installation so that people can seat and relax facing both river and city side.

On this mirror structure surface, it can reflect river image on one side and park and sky image at the other. And the each reflected images interact each other creates attractive reflection because of the angle of mirror panels.
Early model

In order to manipulate the sunlight in purpose, I just changed the material to mirror and glass panel. And for the structure, I exposed one side of the installation and made it angular shape to reflect various Hudson park views.