The Lily Chair

The Lily Chair is a comfortable, multi-functional cardboard chair designed for small space living as it is compact and easily flat-packed by using a trussing technique.

Taking inspiration from the blooming phases of a Lily flower, the chair is designed to change its form as it gets disassembled through scoring and its fins. Once the fins are attached, the scoring encourages curvature which allows the seat to stay in a fixed position, similar to when the flower has not yet bloomed. Detaching the fins flattens out the entire piece, mimicking the Lily flower in its final phase.
The material manipulation is called trussing, which means to tie, bend, or fasten. By using this method, the Lily chair can be flat-packed as well as easily assembled and disassembled.
Tackling the issue of small space living, the main goals of chair are to be compact, functional, and affordable. By having the base and top of the chair as separate pieces, more of the cardboard sheet is utilized as pieces can be rotated to fit inside one sheet of 4′ x 8′ triple layer cardboard.