The Switch Lounger

The switch lounger is designed for any space integrating storage and standing desk capability while maximizing comfort, sustainability, and functionality.

Easily assembled Cardboard chair converts from sitting and relaxing to a standing desk for work. it’s the perfect place where someone could relax while reading a book or work on their laptop utilizing the standing desk.


The Chair is created by folding detailed parts and slotting them together which makes the surface stronger. the Problems considered were: Sturdiness Material Assembly efficiency Easy transport Size for spaces that lack storage When I built my first prototype, I encountered some challenges that needed to be addressed. First, the Chairback was not stable enough to support a person and the seat was not deep enough to be able to relax in. Another issue was the amount of cardboard use, making it not easily packable. After experimentation, the final product was a chair that suits a wide variety of people with proper support. The Integration of a standing desk promotes productivity, concentration, and overall health.

The chair is economical and easily shipped as it can be flat packed. The user-friendly chair provides a storage compartment for personal items and can be assembled quick and smoothly, utilizing the slotting assembly.