Ensemble is a playful and interactive installation in which visitors create sounds by stepping on pedals that trigger tines that resonate. The different sounds get amplified through the six horns, bringing joy to its visitors.

Concept Diagram
The concept diagram shows the phenomenon clearly. Stepping on the platform (1) creates sounds (2), which travels out of the horn (3).
Site Plan
It is located in the middle of the site on the lawn because it is the quietest area. The sounds from the river are not as loud and the berms absorb the noise of the busy streets. It was important for the Ensemble to be in a quiet location so that the music will sound clearer.  Designed for all ages, Ensemble is a nice spot for anyone to take a break from walking along the pier to enjoy the view and the music. It is a space to interact, listen, and relax. What makes this device interesting is that it can be experienced alone, in a group, or with strangers. Each time a visitor comes by, the experience will always be new and exciting.
A platform sits underneath the six horns, containing all the elements that create the sound. Stepping on the platform (step 1) causes the hammer to hit the tine (step 2). The vibration of the tine travels upwards and out through the horn where the sound gets amplified. With 17 tines in total, each one plays a different note, giving visitors a different sound with every step they take around the platform.
Close up of Platform
Plan of Exposed Platform
The platform, horns, and benches are made out of marine plywood to achieve the curvature and withstand weather conditions. By using wood, the tone of the tines are warmer as opposed to using metal. The pedals of the platform are colored to distinguish the different notes.