‘Inside out’ is an installation which acts like a large-scale instrument for generating sound. By combining the strategy of animal behavior, sound vibration and organic structure, this de- vice will make diverse sounds based on birds’ movements.
Phenomenal explanation

When a sound is produced, it causes the air molecules to bump into their neighboring molecules, who then bump into their neighbors. After the string been shake, the sound will bounced in the curvy casing.
Site plan

The reason why picking here to be the place is because it’s away from the city and when the bird spiral around, they will pass the site.
Experiments & Studies

When a string is plucked, the vibration will generate sound.Based on the characteristic of the string, different pitch will be created. The pitch of the string is based on mass of the string, tension in the string mode of vibration and length of the string. Add a box under it will expand the sound and make it louder, since it has been bounced for multiple times.
Three holes with strings

Design Solutions


There will be a groove under the string for bird food. Different kinds of birds will be attracted by the food and fly on the string. This installation will make sound based on bird behavior. Either the when the bird grabs the string with its claws and lands on it, or use their claws to push strings when they want to leave. This behavior will cause the vibration of string. Depending on which string the birds are on, different tones will be produced. While people are walking around the installation, some of the bird will be shocked and fly away. This process is repeated to ensure that the sound is always emitted.
Inside visualizations
Outside visualizations
Physical Model