La Silla Tejida

La Silla Tejida

La Silla Tejida weaves Latin American influences in a cardboard lounge chair for reading, rocking, and relaxing.

Made with recycled cardboard. Manipulations used were weaving and slotting.

Cultural Context

Weaving is a tradition in the Caribbean island of Cuba. They utilize many different weaving styles in order to create many things from hats to baskets to much more. These weaving styles were many used by farmers and peasants but now has made its way into furniture. A common type of weaving used is a plain weave. Weaving in the Caribbean has been around Pre-Columbus. The Taino population was known for a meticulous type of intricate weaving, which is still around today in some comtemporary communities. The colors of La Silla Tejida were inspired by the colors of traditional dresses of Cuba.

The Form of La Silla Tejida 

The form is inspired by a bean bag. The relaxed form of a beanbag is the kind of structure La Silla Tejida was going for. The sturcture is great for relaxing, and reading. The bottom of La Silla Tejida is curved for the rocking element of the chair.  

Egg Crate Structure

An egg crate structure is a structure that is made using vertical and horizontal pieces to create cell-like divisions. It creates a matrix that can be very strong. The interlocking of these vertical and horizontal pieces make it so the structure is very stable and won’t budge. Because of this type of joinery it is a very versitile way of construction and can be done with little to no adhesives. It can be used with geometric and organic shapes.

Drawing done in AutoCAD

Drawing done in Rhino

Render (made in Photoshop)

Weaving Details