ON/OFF is a multifunction chair of folded/slotted cardboard, that allows a user to shift from working to relaxing by pivoting on a beveled base.

Putting an ON/OFF chair next to the table provides a more relaxed working space while also serving as a chair for resting and watching media by changing the angle of the bottom. The manipulations used for cardboard were laminating, slotting, and folding. In this way, the package size can be reduced while the customer can easily put the chair together without any tools.


Inspired by the functionality of the MVS Chaise by Maarten Van Severen, the ON/OFF Chair is available in two different sitting positions. The change in seat angle allows users to work while getting better relaxation.

MVS Chaise by Maarten

By studying cardboard manipulation,

Laminating cardboard with different corrugation directions can make the surface stronger.

Slotting on both cardboards can make the jointing stronger and can deal with the shear.

Based on ergonomic data, the width and height of the seat and the angle of the backrest have been considered.

When it is used as a casual work chair, the backrest has an ergonomic 105 degree angle to provide an ideal angle for a working position.

When it is used as a relaxing chair, the seat surface forms a 150 degree angle with the ground, providing a more comfortable resting position. 

By using slotting as the connection, the chair can be detached into pieces in order to achieve flat packaging, which makes shipping more efficient and sustainable.

The assembly process is also very simple and clear, customers do not even need any tools to complete the assembly within 10 minutes.

Cushions are provided in different colors, customers can choose the color according to their needs. Having a cushion can provide more support for the seat while also bringing more personalization to the chair.

By Shukun Li