LAYERED HOME – Studio Unit

The Layered Studio provides middle aged professional singles or couples with a flexible program – packed studio apartment within a micro setting through the use of layered modules along a sliding track.

These modules can transform and define a space, providing a new function with every transformation.

According to a report by Fund For the City of New York, 50% of working-age households struggle to pay rent in NYC.

Young professionals of middle income are sacrificing space to compensate for the rising rent prices in NYC. Transformable and modular design can be a solution for those who wish to have space to pursue their creative passions.

The modules adapt to the variety of needs a user may have. Packing the program of a larger space in 247 sqf.

In this studio unit, there are 3 different modules. One for sleep and getting ready, one for personal activity and work, and another for kitchen related storage or entertaining.

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