Sakto” is the Filipino translation of “just right” – in every detail.

Sakto - Facade

Facade Elevations

With more and more people flocking to urban environments with smaller footprints, how can one live comfortably
within 300 SQFT comfortably? Considering we spend 90% of our lives indoors.

Sakto - Diagram


Having been inspired by the turtle and the concept of things swinging out and tucking back in, I wanted to design a space that could accomodated a couple and their guests.

Sakto Turtle

Illustration by Adelaide Tyrol

Taking cues from a turtle really helped me understand what cues I should take in making this space more than what people would anticipate it to be. Having chosen the oddest floor plan of all the rest was a challenge that I personally wanted to take.

Sakto - SKP

Sketch Up Model


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