Zipper Chair

The Zipper chair uses a series of folded triangular tubes which easily into a track so it can be easily assembled and dissembled like a zipper.


This chair consists of just three pieces that can be assembled in a simple method by slotting them to put together in order to form a complete chair. This chair is for lounging area where people can relax while sitting on it. Also, it is suitable for small unit apartment because of its compact size and the way how it is assembled and dissembled to move it around the space. You can put this away in a storage and take out whenever you need it.


The double-layered triangular tubes are made with folding manipulation creating extra stronger support structurally. The tubes belt encircles the two base structures which is designed to mimic human body in organic fluid shape. There are number or the triangular tubes slotted on the bottom to prevent the horizontal shake. 



Manipulation sketch drawings


Assembly Instruction Diagram