Amazon and Long Island City are working together to grow the population in the state of New York. Having more people moving in to Long Island City, it is the job of interiors designers to support the growing population in the city. This project focuses on the idea of co-living and micro-apartments. It is located in Queens and has a quick route to New York City. So anyone can move in from ages 20’s to 70’s.

Version 1 Of the Inter-Change
Transformed space that is used for shared spaces with other people/roommates/family members.

Version 2 Of the Inter-Change
Transformed space that is used for private spaces with other people/roommates/family members.
Inter-Change is a micro-apartment, that is able to shift into shared and private rooms. By using transforming furniture and moving walls, this space can change to fit everyone’s needs. Communication is a necessity when living in Inter-change. This idea was inspired by the work of Domestic Transformer By Gray Chang and Studio-mama. Using both of their method of transforming spaces, the apartment space was split into two sections.
The left side of the apartment is a permanent space of bathrooms and a kitchen. While the right side of the apartment is a transforming space that is used for both sharing and private events. The designed was focused to use all spaces and making them useful in multiple ways. Because the space was small, the method of transforming was the best option as it would allow the space to be versatile. The focus audience for this space is everyone, for example, family, students, seniors, mid-aged groups and more.
The entrance to the room starts with the kitchen. The feeling of cool bamboo wood will combine smoothly with the white reflective paint and the white porcelain floor. The reflective floor and walls will allow the curved lighting to travel within the space to all corners of the room.
As you step into the room your roommate, family member, or partner could be cooking or resting in the living room. Because this space is limited, I used a transforming method for all the walls and furniture. Since all furniture, except the bed, can be removed, each room can be used for different purposes or put together like this example shows.
The hall way leading to the bathroom will have a Liner Collection bamboo wood that will give a great feeling of comfort, distracting the user from feeling the tight space. The restroom will have a light gray porcelain stone floor and the wall will have a tile pattern that will mimic the floor plan of the space. The bathtub will have a great view of Long Island City but also has an option to frost the glass for any privacy.
When everyone goes to bed. There is an option to use three beds, by transforming the space. This allows the space to be used efficiently. Closet are on the ceiling to create more space in the room. Clothes can be both hung and stored by pulling down the lever. For lights, it can be easily controlled through their smart-phones. Thanks to Xorel fabric wall cover, it has the ability to absorb sound and have a reflective finish, which helps the space feel more private and softly bright.