Transformer Apartment

This apartment is designed to be transformed in order to achieve creating and using spaces more effectively.

There is a moving  wall named “moving box” that has two sliding glass doors on each sides to separate living room and bed rooms and it also has an acoustic folding wall between two private bedrooms. When all the doors are hidden in the box, and the box is moved towards all the way to the bedroom area, this space transforms into living and dining area.

When the moving box is set for configuration 2, people can pull out a sofa from the box and sit.

Also there are flexible shelf for any uses.
This living area furnishes a foldable dining table and chair that can be put out from storage when needed. 

This private bedroom features murphy bed that can be transformed into a work station including lighting system and outlets installed.

The folding wall separating two bedrooms are made out of acoustic panel and also the sliding door between living area and private bedroom are froasted glass, so that they can have privacy.